Water Dreamer. That’s what they call him. But Cristen refuses to believe he could be one of ‘them’ - an outcast. When he mysteriously washes ashore in the land of Harmony, a land which disappeared from maps more than a thousand years ago, he is led only by dreams of an obscure past, leaving him with more questions than answers.

Driven by shame and a search for belonging, Cristen journeys to Burning Mountain to find the truth. Opposing forces vie for his allegiance, but why him? He must work through the confusion and lies that flood his world, and find someone he can trust before he loses his identity altogether. Or worse, his life.

With elements of magic, mystery and romance, Burning Mountain delivers a fast-paced adventure that keeps you wondering what’s real and what is not.

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"... I finished this book in less than 2 days and it had me up reading till 2-3am! I spent weeks afterwards continuously thinking about the story and characters and dying for the second book to come out! ..." Amazon Customer